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Hey SiStars! First of all, warm hugs to you for all of the love, prayers and support you’ve poured into me during my autoimmune health journey with transverse myelitis. I’m in the biggest fight of my life and you continue to give me strength for my journey! I LOVE YOU!

Watch my latest health update here: “Good News. Bad News.” https://youtu.be/bOIkD-VILf8

Secondly…these locs tho! Lol! You guys have been commenting left and right about them…and you’re right! These BOBBI BOSS NU LOCS are the most realistic faux locs I’ve ever seen. They’re super light – which makes them fine hair friendly 💞. Also, these locs are so easy to maintain and super versatile making them perfect for long term wear…or unexpected hospital stays like I experienced.

Guess what? I created a special installation technique for fine hair love. Yay! Full review and tutorial on my YouTube channel coming soon! Until then, here are the details you requested. GIRL – GET YOU SOME! You’ll love them! 💛

Bobbi Boss Nu Loc – #2 and #30 (highlights)

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