How I Prep for Doctor visits despite brain fog | Download Template

Take a deep breath with me and think back to your high school self. If you are like me, this may take a moment (lol), so feel free to pause reading if you have to think back a bit farther than others. Now imagine your high school self, showing up for class only to learn the teacher has planned a pop quiz on material you’ve never seen! As you look around at your classmates in disbelief feelings of anxiety and uncertainty begin to settle in. Afterward, you leave class thankful you made it through the exam but dogged by the nagging feeling that you really could have done better if you had been prepared. Well, I liken that sentiment to the feelings of anxiety and stress I found myself experiencing after receiving my NMO diagnosis and following doctor appointments. Not to mention those inevitable eureka moments where I remembered a symptom I planned to discuss, or question I had. These thoughts always came to mind 5 minutes AFTER each appointment and left me feeling disappointed in myself.

If you’re like me, having a rare auto-immune illness like Neuro Myelitis Optica (NMOSD) can you to feel completely overwhelmed physically, mentally and emotionally. Not to mention the brain fog. Brain fog is the pits and was one of the main reasons I left doctor appointments without addressing the very things I planned to discuss with my specialists. Over time, I learned lists help me to prepare and to stay organized, so I created a special one specifically for my doctor visits. This simple printable helps me to recall my symptoms and concerns, allow us to review or request prescription refills and touch upon other discussion points. The first time I used this tool, my neurologist shared with me how productive he felt our visit was. I left the visit with a sense of accomplishment! I hope the template below helps you, too.

What’s your hack for experiencing productive doctor visits?

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