✈Travel Vlog Black Love n Travel | Datecation Vineyard Tour in Maryland

✈Black Love and Travel
Our Quick Datecation & Black Ankle Vineyard Tour.


Ok, so you’re probably thinking, “What’s a DATECATION?”  Eric and I enjoy a long distance relationship. There I said it!  🙂

We’ve been together for a couple of years now. So, one of the ways we maximize our time  together is by creating wonderful dating experiences during our mini vacation get aways together.  Hence,  the phrase, “Date-cation.”

We both appreciate a good bottle of wine from time to time, so during a quick trip to the DMV area, Eric planned a romantic afternoon for us at Black Ankle Vineyard.  Black Ankle Vineyard is about a 30-40 minute drive from Washington, DC and well worth the beautifully scenic drive.  So just throw on your favorite R&B, Hip Hop, Pop or Rock tracks like we did and enjoy the ride!

The vineyard sits on a rolling piece of land, lush with green fields and bursts of vibrant yellow, pink and rose colored flowers.  It’s all quite breath taking, so take a moment to “drink in” the beauty, peace and splendor of this hidden jewel!


During the summer, this vineyard features beautiful open spaces where we watched well behaved little ones run through the grass flying their kites their adults watched and enjoyed wine and picnic fixins.  And in winter, you’ll enjoy live music in the cottage style main structure while watching the snow fall while talking to friends or while gazing into the eyes of someone special.

There are so many ways for adults to enjoy the space.  Couples can sneak off to the quaint wine counter to enjoy conversation and one another or enjoy an informal but informative wine tasting featuring a variety of 4 or more wines.  One of the other guests told me about the amazing Black Ankle Vineyard tour, during which guests walk the rolling grounds of the vineyard, eat grapes off of the vine and learn now Black Ankle Vineyard creates it’s memorable libations.

As you saw in the vlog, Eric and I opted for the wine tasting.  Our hostess was so thoughtful and taught us so much about Black Ankle’s approach to wine.

The best part of our date?  The picnic!  After selecting a wine, we stopped by the Black Ankle kitchen  to grab a loaf of fresh baked bread, truffle and herb oil, olives and cheese which were available for a modest price.  Then we retired to the patio to enjoy the view, wine, nibbles and one another.

Black Ankle Vineyard provides the charm and magic of a small town or provence, but it’s only a few short miles away from the big city.  We loved everything about it!

Overall, Black Ankle Vineyard earned 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Service: Warm, friendly, attentive and conversational.
Food: Perfect pairing for wine enthusiasts.
Ambiance: Both family friendly and romantic. Who’d have thunk it!

We can’t wait to return!
See pics and additional video of our travels on our NEW BlackLoveAndTravel Instagram page!

Love to travel?  Comment below and tell us your favorite destination!  We’d love to plan a visit!

Travel tip:  Deposit your favorite hair care and skincare products in leak proof containers then leave them in  your travel bag.  It’ll save you time while packing and money in the long run.

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