My Peaceful Auto-immune Journey | Transverse Myelitis, Neuro Myelitis Optica

12.15.19. Everything is a part of the journey.

PHOTO CREDIT: @ladonantonette on Instagram

This picture was taken in the midst of what my Doctor believed triggered my first transverse myelitis attack. If you look closely, you can tell that one of my eyes is swollen due to having developed 2 ulcers on it. This was a confusing and pretty painful time for me, but I made it the the through!

If you follow my Youtube channel – (click here to watch) then you’re probably aware that I was recently diagnosed with a second rare Auto-immune disorder, Neuro Myelitis Optica or NMO.

There is so much uncertainty and so many unknowns associated with neuro myelitis optica – but one thing I know for sure is this: Everything is a part of the journey. Every moment, lesson learned, choice, tear and prayer has purpose and can lovingly and peacefully govern how we move through life while navigating this experience. So instead of discarding the ugly bits from this chronic illness highlight reel, I’m working diligently to successfully walk & embrace each step of this journey authentically and in its entirety because even the most beautifully manicured gardens need a little dirt to grow. 💛 Xo, Ladon 👣

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#chronicfatiguesyndrome #chronicillnesswarrior #selflovefirst #selfcarematters

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