#bigchop #hairstyles #twa

This is what happens when you big chop ( on Fine Natural Hair)  on Christmas Eve. I’m officially rocking a TWA for the first time in years and I love it!  I’ve only talked about my desire to cut my natural hair a few times aloud.  I mostly kept this thought to myself. I love the look of the TWA and haven’t rocked one in years! I actually used to wear my natural hair faded and thought it would be fun to go short in steps.  When you are sick, people think decisions like this one are impulsive or symptomatic of depression or something.  But I just really wanted to start over again.  I wanted to trim the split ends and take some time to really enjoy short hair styles.  When I first began to wear my natural hair, I was so focused on growth that I didn’t take time to enjoy this stage in my hair growth cycle.  Now I look forward to it and well, these are the results.  Have you always wanted to rock a short hair style?  What’s holding you back?  Go for it girl!

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