4 Tips : How To Grow & Keep Your Edges



1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.  Lightly mist the hair with water a spray bottle in the morning and at night. A tip to maintain good moisture to your edges throughout the day is to put a little of your favorite hair mist in a small spray bottle that can fit in your purse. Use whenever you like to keep your edges soft. I prefer this misting water bottle because I can control how damp my hair gets.

2. Do your own hair. YOU know how much you can tolerate. Beauticians are concerned about making your hair look good, even if it means pulling and tucking on your edges. If you do your own hair, you can manipulate the amount of tension you out on your edges. You can braid your hair very lightly and still get a great style.

3. Use Leave-in Conditioner on Your Edges too!  When applying leave in to your hair, don’t forget your edges. Leave-in will allow your hair to reap those conditioning benefits while also sealing moisture into your strands.  This helps to maintain softness AND moisture.

4. Lay those edges with LOVE! Laid edges aren’t required to create a beautiful style, but if you prefer this look, be sure to avoid edge control products that are excessively sticky (to avoid tugging on the hair) and drying.  Bad alcohols will cause your edges to become dry and brittle. Design Essentials, Weave Aide and Curls rate high on my list.

If these tips were helpful, let me know in the comments or share your favorite tips for showing your edges a bit of love. ❤

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