Relaxing ASMR Scalp Massage & Shampoo with Twist by Ouidad


Hey Friends!

Welcome to my first ASMR (as you requested) Scalp Massage And Shampoo self care routine. Ok…Full transparency – has the past year been stressful for you too? This pandemic has impacted each of us in various ways and to carrying degrees. One easy way I’ve manage during these times is to create a relaxing, spa like experience during hair wash day! Today I’m using the Twist by Ouidad line and sharing my routine with you.  And don’t worry – my product review is at the end of the video.  I’ll say this, the lightly scented shampoo and conditioner felt so luxurious and were very budget friendly. What a blessing! Thanks Ouidad!
xo, Ladon


Twist by Ouidad Weather or Not Shampoo

Twist by Ouidad On Repeat Conditioner

Detangling Brush:
Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush:
Volumizing Comb for Fine Hair:

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