Napcronym of the Day: ACV

Napcronym of the Day:  ACV

Almost two months ago, I began to incorporate use of various oils and new “co-washing” techniques into my daily and weekly haircare regimen – with WONDERFUL results. I’ll post about that a little later.  One of the not so pleasant side affects was a product residewie (yes I made that word up) scalp.    Why?  Turns out that as I went about learning to which conditioners and oils my hair responded best, a bit of each remained on my scalp after washing. This is called product build up.  What’s product build up?  Think about how skin appears after using a soap like “Irish Spring.” lol.

Not wanting to use a harsh shampoo on my newly soft and manageable mane, I began scouring the net for more gentle scalp clarifying options.

What is ACV? 

ACV translates to:  Apple Cider Vinegar.  You naturalistas will be happy to learn that Apple Cider Vinegar is eco-friendly and can bring some much needed TLC to the naptural scalps of the world without damaging either.

 ACV Hair Care Uses and Earth Friendly Benefits:
  • Apple cider vinegar can eliminate dandruff. Apply diluted
    apple cider vinegar-50% water, 50% apple cider vinegar—to your scratchy skull. It will unclog your pores and reduce your dandruff while also clarifying your scalp.Apple cider vinegar is eco-friendlier than dandruff
     Shampoos are filled with chemicals. Those chemicals don’t disappear when you wash them down the drain. They head right into the ecosystem, poisoning fish, making water undrinkable and increasing algae growth where we don’t want algae growth.


Apple cider vinegar can be used as part of an eco-friendly alternative to head lice medications. If pesticide-filled head lice medications can wipe out a colony of insects in a single application, it can’t be that great for the person who owned the head on which these insects died. Apple cider vinegar lice treatments may not be as convenient, but they won’t damage you or your

Apple Cider Vinegar clears gunk, natural oils and build-up from your hair and scalp. It can also treat acne on or off your skull.

So if your scalp needs clarifying or your mane is a little limp or needs a little pick me up, try applying some ACV and share your results with us.

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