The Teen’s Length Check!

This is the teen’s length check photo. Boy has her hair improved since going natural! Last relaxer March 2011.

Big chop – June 2012. A healthy regimen is everything!

The Teen’s Length Check – Whoot Whoot!


  1. Lutisha Pyles-Rone

    Hey sweetie, Its such a wonderful thing when a young teenage girl as your self is embracing your natural beauty. Am proud of your mom for teaching and showing you that natural is beautiful; and im even more proud of you for inspiring youth today. Babygirl, be yourself, love yourself, and embrace your God loving beauty…which is…YOURSELF!!! 🙂

  2. Christian

    Your hair looks great and very healthy… You are truly blessed with a great mother who has gone on this journey with you.. Keep it up and remember to always be yourself and don’t listen to anyone about your naptual hair….lol!!! 😉

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