Quest For The Perfect Fall & Winter Twist Out!

Quest For The Perfect Fall & Winter Twist Out!Image

I don’t know about you, but “The Teen” and I have gone through ups and downs when it comes to twist out perfection.  Fine hair – DO CARE!  lol.  Having fine hair makes it very difficult for me to rock twist outs the way I’d like.  Most of the time they come out with a texture that reflects more of a “crimp” style texture than  a fuller bodied coil or spiral look AND I have to do a ton of fluffing which results in frizz.

The Teen on the other hand, obtains the fullness I like with ease.  Heck, it seems like she just rolls out of bed with photographic hair.  Her twist outs are full with great texture, but in her opinion, the ends get frizzy and she looses length – or doesn’t achieve the definition she likes.  Never satisfied right?

I’m so darn cheap…I mean frugal that it’s sometimes overwhelming for me to begin the search for a perfect twist out product.  I don’t know about you all, but The Teen will be heading to college for long so every penny counts!  So being the adventurous naturalista I am, I took to my kitchen and whipped up a new recipe I made up of ingredients I’ve learned our hair loves and ingredients that would be extremely beneficial to the hair.  Because our winters are so harsh, it’s shea butter based (we love this for winter hair) but it’s not heavy – cuz you all know I LOVE big hair and “she” (that would be Shakeitha – my hair) cannot be weighed down.  🙂

All that time, research, obtaining exotic oils and mixing has paid off!

Here’s The Teen’s Twist Out using a new fluffy cream recipe!  Let me know what you think!

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